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Re: [Condor-users] How to slip in later-submitted jobs

> > 1.  Will Condor now, without any further condor_config editing, give
> > Sally's jobs equal priority with Joe's jobs in competition for newly
> > available machines?
> >   
> All other things being equal, Condor will try to give Sally and Joe an 
> equal share of the pool, so if new resources become available, Sally 
> should get them.

*If* and only if the leases (claims) assigned to the prior used have expired, 
otherwise Condor will continue to schedule jobs for him.
As soon as the leases (claims) have expired, and Sally has (by being deferred) 
built up enough "karma" (priority), Sally's jobs will be considered
for negotiation as well.
So the behaviour hugely depends on the lease lifetime, and the priority
half-life (which can be understood as a punishment for excessively using
Condor resources). 

I'm afraid the default settings (1 day for PRIORITY_HALFLIFE, infinity for
CLAIM_WORKLIFE) are not suited to support such behaviour though.
"without any further condor_config editing" thus depends on which editing
you've already done...

> > 2.  Is it possible for Condor to give Sally's jobs a higher priority
> > *just for this submittal*?  We don't want Sally's jobs to always have
> > higher priority just because she is Sally, only because she indicates
> > they need higher priority somehow.

Temporarily change her user priority factor. Unfortunately, there's no way
to assign a factor <1 (although factors are represented as floats they
seem to be handled internally as integers). A workaround would be to assign
a default factor of 1000 for all (including) new users so you get room to
both sides.