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[Condor-users] problem of submit condor job via globus

Although I know I am not the first encounter this problem, I still have some problem of submit condor job via globus.
I have the globus-4.0.5(--enable-wsgram-condor) and condor 6.8.4 installed.
I can submit
globusrun-ws -submit -c /bin/true
condor_submit submit(submit is the job description from condor tutorial)

in order to make sure condor interface is installed upon globus, after ./configure ... --enable-wsgram-condor/make
/make install
again, i run the following again:
gt4.0.5-all-source-installer/make gt4-gram-condor install

But, I still have error information while I wanna submit a condor job via globus
--- ---
ye@nodea:~$ globusrun-ws -submit -Ft Condor -c /bin/date

Submitting job...Done.
Job ID: uuid:2c29e886-5477-11dc-8e1a-0019d12537cb
Termination time: 08/28/2007 08:26 GMT
Current job state: Failed
Destroying job...Done.
globusrun-ws: Job failed: The executable could not be started.

Neither the environment variable CONDOR_CONFIG,
/etc/condor/, nor ~condor/ contain a condor_config source.
Either set CONDOR_CONFIG to point to a valid config source,
or put a "condor_config" file in /etc/condor or ~condor/

--- ---

Did I submit condor job in a correct way? I have already export $CONDOR_CONFIG as ~path-to-condor/etc/condor_config.
Can anyone help me?


Best regards

Ye Huang
Department of Informatics
University of Fribourg
Bd de Pérolles 90
1700 Fribourg

e-mail: ye.huang@xxxxxxx
Tel: +41 26 429 65 95