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[Condor-users] statfs(.../...) failed: 13/Permission denied

Dear All,

  I am facing a permission problem while submitting condor jobs. My
environment has only two computers.

Computer 1: Central manager
Computer 2: Execute and Submit

I have already tested simple jobs in vanilla and standard universe and
they are running fine. But when i submit a job that is using GridRPC
(Ninf-G) and globus the condor generates a permission error in "SchedLog"
(Please see the end of this email for the error).

I submit the condor job in vanilla universe from a user named "globus" and
all the files and folders are owned by this user. I suppose the condor
will execute the job as globus user instead of root.

Do you have any idea why i am getting this statfs error.

8/27 18:17:16 (pid:26198) Shadow pid 26510 for job 65.0 exited with status
8/27 18:17:16 (pid:26198) statfs(/home/globus/mhgrid/code/ecga) failed:
13/Permission denied
8/27 18:17:18 (pid:26198) Starting add_shadow_birthdate(66.0)
8/27 18:17:18 (pid:26198) Started shadow for job 66.0 on
"<>", (shadow pid = 26520)
8/27 18:17:19 (pid:26198) Shadow pid 26520 for job 66.0 exited with status
8/27 18:17:19 (pid:26198) match (<>#1188204474#12#...)
out of jobs (cluster id 59); relinquishing
8/27 18:17:19 (pid:26198) Sent RELEASE_CLAIM to startd on
8/27 18:17:19 (pid:26198) Match record (<>, 59, -1)
8/27 18:17:19 (pid:26198) statfs(/home/globus/mhgrid/code/ecga) failed:
13/Permission denied
8/27 18:17:19 (pid:26198) DaemonCore: Command received via TCP from host
8/27 18:17:19 (pid:26198) DaemonCore: received command 443
(VACATE_SERVICE), calling handler (vacate_service)
8/27 18:17:19 (pid:26198) Got VACATE_SERVICE from <>
8/27 18:17:20 (pid:26198) Sent owner (0 jobs) ad to 1 collectors