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Re: [Condor-users] deny jobs, but letting the que run.

Yes that is what I ended up doing. I took it down, and sent an email to the users who had jobs running about when they could restart them. I know that is far from optimal.

2007/12/3, Kewley, J (John) < j.kewley@xxxxxxxx>:
[more thoughts]
Might it be possible to "hack" it, but doing a condor_config_val
of the HOSTALLOW values for the schedd to prevent changes being made to it
(or would that make a right mess?).
Another thought is that if you have some jobs that could yet take 6 months,
you probably don't want to shutdown the queue to further updates yet allow
this job to finish. You just want to shutdown now and then bring things
back to life when the machine comes back

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I mentioned exactly this scenario to the dev team in June. Their response:

"There are tricks you can play, like replacing condor_submit with a script that denies use of it, but if users found the old script, or did a remote submit, it wouldn't stop them.

I'm going to record your sugesstion into our feature tracking system because it is a really good idea. So maybe it'll show up in a later revision of Condor."


I do not know if they have already implemented something in a newer version that allows this, but I don't believe so.


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2007/12/3, Bjørn Dyre Dyresen <bjorn@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
Hello Condor user.

I am administering a smallish condor cluster here and I am upgrading it from 6.8.5 to 6.8.7 Everything seems fine so far. I need to create a service window where I can start up the new version. One of the users currently have  a few hundred jobs in que. I want to let all of these jobs run, but deny any more jobs started until I can finish the upgrade? Is there a easy way to fix this? All of the computers are now allowed to submit jobs. I would be happy to not have to go onto each explicit deny logon. Is there something I can do to the master? I'm sure this is covered somewhere in the manual just that I can not see it.

I am pretty new to condor so please bear with me :)

Best Regards

Bjørn Dyresen.

condor_off -all -schedd

Is this what I am looking for?


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