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[Condor-users] WANT_SUSPEND=False for Vanilla jobs, as normal user, per submission


Is it possible to specifiy WANT_SUSPEND=False as a
normal user and/or on a per submission basis? 

The default of WANT_SUSPEND=True for Vanilla jobs
seems reasonable in general (so condor_config
shouldn't be changed). However, there might be cases
where vanilla jobs are better preempted immediately,
e.g. if they use a lot of memory. Because then, if a
local user becomes active on a claimed machine, he is
annoyed with a lot of swapping because the process
stays in memory. 

In my case, I have only short jobs (running a couple
of minutes). So, I wouldn't care if they're
immediately preempted. For a local user on the other
hand, that would be much more convenient. 

So, is it possible to handle WANT_SUSPEND in a more
flexible way than just putting a single setting for
all users/jobs?



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