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Re: [Condor-users] WANT_SUSPEND=False for Vanilla jobs, as normal user, per submission

> Is it possible to specifiy WANT_SUSPEND=False as a normal 
> user and/or on a per submission basis? 

It is possible to control it on a per-job basis but you have to modify
the config files on your machines.
> In my case, I have only short jobs (running a couple of 
> minutes). So, I wouldn't care if they're immediately 
> preempted. For a local user on the other hand, that would be 
> much more convenient. 

When you submit your jobs tag them with a special attribute so they're
marked as jobs you don't want to suspend:

+VacateThisJob = True
> So, is it possible to handle WANT_SUSPEND in a more flexible 
> way than just putting a single setting for all users/jobs?

And now change WANT_SUSPEND to pay attention to this attribute if it

WANT_SUSPEND = MY.VacateThisJob =!= TRUE

This will evaluate to TRUE for any job that either does not have
VacateThisJob set or has it set to False. And it'll evaluate to False
when a job has it set, disabling suspension of the job on the machine.

I'm basing this on some stuff we do for preemption and auto-retirement
in our farm so test it out. But I think that'll work for you.

- Ian

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