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[Condor-users] core file from job

hi all,
 i am seeing this problem in both condor version 6.8.2 and 6.8.6, vanilla
 universe. i have a job that crashes often and creates a huge core dump. i
 dont want the core. its too big. but condor creates it for me even when i
 specify coresize = 0 in my submit file. if i look at the condor_history of
 that job:

 [asm4@clownfish condor]$ condor_history -l 5.0 | grep -i core
 CoreSize = 0
 JobCoreDumped = TRUE
 JobCoreFileName = "/home/asm4/tmp/condor/core.5.0"
 [asm4@clownfish condor]$ ulimit -S -c
 [asm4@clownfish condor]$ ulimit -H -c

do i need to specify anything else or change condor configuration, so that
condor does not give me a core file? thanks

Ashutosh Mahajan