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[Condor-users] job questions..


i'm trying to set up a condor test using two (client/master) servers for the

i've tried to do a condor_submit, and i see a number of jobs that are in the
idle state. however, the jobs don't appear to be running. there is something
running, as i can see some of the output files being created!!

my goal is to try to fire off as many apps, as fast as possible. i'm using
the 'test' mode of the condor_config files.

i have plenty of log files, but i'm not sure what they really tell me, or if
they even pertain to my situation.

i'm also trying to figure out how to remove the jobs that are in the idle
state, short of doing a condor_rm for each job... i have ~200 in the idle

i thought that i had set this up before, but i can't find my notes...

my goal:
 i have a number of perl/python scripts that i want to run. i want to use
condor as a way of running the apps over a distributed network of machines.
each of the apps will generate data, which is captured in a db/tbls...

i may have 1000s of scripts that need to be run, so i want to run as many of
them in parallel on the various servers within the network, as fast as

any help will be seriously appreciated...