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[Condor-users] speeding up job processing time


i have successfully managed to get condor running on a 2 node test
(client/master) system. i created a test perl script, that simply creates a
test file, writes some data to it, and quits.

i created a submit file to fire off 100 copies of the test script. i've
configured the two nodes of the test condor network to use the 'test'
default options which should simply fire off as many parallel copies as
possible. it appears that each node has 25 'condor' users/sessions, at least
that's what i see when i do a 'condor_status'.

my question has to do with how to speed up the process if at all possible.

if i create a quick/dirty app that spawns 100 children apps, the test app
will run considerably faster than condor....

if condor can't really speed up the overall process, does anyone know of
other frameworks that might be suitable for my use.

i'm really trying to create apps, and fire them off as fast as possible for
execution on the servers/nodes within my network. i envision that i need
some sort of central 'location' for the apps that are to be run, as well as
an ability for the child/clients to get the apps, which are then executed on
the local/client servers.

any thoughts/comments/etc...