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Re: [Condor-users] MCNP (or similar) on Condor anyone ?

Thanks for all of the replies on this. I think this may be what
I'm after. We are actually using MCNPX which is pre-installed
on Linux clusters (although I may have a look at a Win installation
sometime). I haven't had a chance to plough through the documentation
on the code so I'm wondering how I create the input files for
the Condor version - do I just get each one to do a proportion
of the total number of histories. Do you have any pointers on how to
combine the outputs or even a script ? I can send you some typical
input and output files if that would be useful.

many thanks,


--On 17 January 2007 18:16 +0000 M.Chin@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Thanks James for forwarding.

Hi Ian - yes we do run MCNP on Condor - whether or not MCNP has been
pre-installed on the execution node. You just need to recombine the
various split output files, according to your specific tally. I find
mctal files most useful.

Hope this helps.

mary p w chin

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Hi Mary

I'm glad things are running now, do you have any feedback for Ian that
might help him ?

Thanks in advance



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"Dr Ian C. Smith" <i.c.smith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 17/01/2007 16:41 >>>
This may be a long shot but ...

Has anyone had any experience of running MCNP (or similar)
using Condor vanilla/globus (not MPI) universe. This is
a Monte Carlo radiation simulation code which we at present
run using MPI on various clusters. This seems rather wasteful
and I'm wondering if there's a way of running it without the
communications harness as a trivially parallel application using



Dr Ian C. Smith,
The University of Liverpool,
Computer Services Department

web: www.liv.ac.uk/e-science

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