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Re: [Condor-users] Trouble communicating through GCB servers


Last time I checked this was all very well documented in the GCB section
on the Condor website. I've been trying to set up GCB, but it won't run on
realtek network cards. And since the budget didn't allow to replace them
all with Intel / 3COM, I've abondonned GCB....

I haven't heared anything from condor about this failure either, though I
did submit it into the mail list. This was x86 64 version 6.9.0 of condor.
Running on Intel P4 6xx under Gentoo Linux.

So unfortunatly I can't help you out, since I haven't set it up myself,
but by reading the "how works GCB" you should get all the anwsers to your
questions :)

Kind Regards,


> Hello,
> I've recently posted some questions about using GCB on the mailing list
> (can be viewed here: http://www.opencondor.org/display/CONDOR/mail/8084)
> I was wondering if there is anyone here who succesfully used GCB to
> communicate between two private networks.
> The most importand question I've got is how GCB forwards traffic to the
> destination:
> Condor-client --> GCB [firewalled] ---(INTERNET)---> [firewalled] GCB
> --> Condor-manager [destination]
> and why does the IP adress of the Condor-client shows up in the GCB log
> file of the GCB server on the condor-manager side..
> I hope there is someone who can help me in the right direction.
> Thank you.
> Marcel Kempenaar
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