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Re: [Condor-users] Updates, patching and security announcements

I believe the theory is that all new release get announced on Condor-users (and usually Condor-World).
My experience that this usually happens very quickly after the release is available from the Condor
website (the front page of which also makes announcements and if I understand the Firefox icon
correctly has some sort of RSS feed).
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I'm getting ready to do a test installation of Condor in the general purpose computer suites here in the university. These suites are managed by the Computer Service dept.

I'm currently trying to answer the Computer Service dept's questions and concerns.

There is a question regarding "updates, patches and security fixes" -- basically I need to be responsible monitoring changes and announcements regarding Condor, especially with respect to security issues.

So, is this mailing list the "official" platform used by the Condor team to make "update and issue" announcements or is there somewhere else I should register in order to keep up to date?


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