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Re: [Condor-users] Request: Let me combine STDERR and STDOUT into onefile

2 things I would try, but I guess you'd already tried/dismissed these:

* If vanilla AND you are running on Linux, make the script
  write all stderr and stdout to, say, stdout.
  For instance for bourne shell:
  program 2>&1
* set output and error to the same filename (I can envisage
  several ways this would fail)

If you are on standard universe or Windows, then sorry the above
isn't much use.


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> onefile
> I've got a feature request: I'd like to have stderr and 
> stdout captured
> in the same file. Debugging complex problems can get hard if these
> streams aren't intertwined in one file. Any chance Condor can support
> this? I'm looking for capturing that basically mimics what I'd see on
> the console.
> - Ian
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