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[Condor-users] using condor_submit php

hello condor team

I am trying to use condor_submit in php script using

exec (python condor_submit.py -f C:\condor\SubmitMyCondor\ADMINISTRADOR_2007\Submit.sub,$f)

Using the command:
python condor_submit.py -f C:\condor\SubmitMyCondor\ADMINISTRADOR_2007\Submit.sub

on command line, normally runs the program fine. Using the command through php it doesn´t submit the jobs.

In the php file I am writing the file submit.sub and saving it in the directory C:\condor\SubmitMyCondor\submit.sub.

The file submit.sub is correct because if I do 

condor_submit C:\condor\SubmitMyCondor\ADMINISTRADOR_2

On command line it submits the job.

I don?t know if I need to configure some tag, atribute or some file in php or in condor. Do you know some configurations or some example that I can consult?

If you know any example that you could indicate I would be grateful

Because I searched in google and I found some people whith the same problem but they don?t have solution.
thank you


Joaquim Pais
Webmail alunos ESTG de Leiria (http://webmail.student.estg.ipleiria.pt)