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[Condor-users] GCB log errors

Hello all,


I am configuring the head node on a cluster of ours with GCB so that we can flock to it from our main condor pool.  This head node is the central manager for the cluster's condor pool.  I keep seeing a number of the following two types of errors in the GCB_RelayServerLogs and I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on them for me.


These were the first big grouping of continuous errors:


7/10 15:30:07 [relay_server.C:1019]     bind - Address already in use

7/10 15:31:37 [relay_server.C:1018] handleNewClient: bind(proxy) to <ip.addr.of.centralmanager:portnum>


In the past couple days these made an appearance as well:


7/12 10:19:49 [relay_server.C:676] Relaying UDP packet from client: fd[23]

7/12 10:19:49 [relay_server.C:677]      receiving from the client: Connection refused

7/12 10:19:49 [relay_server.C:773] Deleting fd[23](client side) <-> < ip.addr.of.centralmanager:portnum >



I'm aware the manual discourages having a central manager and GCB running on the same server but since this was the head node for the cluster we were wanting to communicate with it made the best sense.  Could that be the cause of these errors?


Thanks in advance,

David Atkinson