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[Condor-users] Dagging deeper in priorities and ranks


I'm still trying to force DAG ordered job execution (so that a newly submitted dag's jobs only start after all available jobs of the first dag are completed) and without any success. I completely stripped all priority and rank expressions and tried to get the basics straight:
I thought that if:
- all jobs are submitted by the same user (so user priority is not an issue),
- none of the jobs have priority defined (so they are equally 0 by default),
(-1 * DAGManJobId) or (5000000 -  DAGManJobId)

I get the dag ordered execution. And of course I do not. ;)

(I used the negotiator rank expression instead of priorities because it does not require the modification of all submit scripts and theoretically it should handle negative numbers. And if can't use negative numbers I have to somehow "limit" the number of jobs to do the substraction and get a positive number for sure. Thats the 5000000 - dagmanjobid version.)

So now I have multiple questions:
- What am I doing wrong? The documentation explicitly states that DAGManJobId can be used in expressions. - How can I check the "results" of the negotiation process? Is there any way to see how all these expressions (user prio, job prio,
job rank, negotiator rank and the rest) came together?

Thanks in advance.