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Re: [Condor-users] Dagging deeper in priorities and ranks


After investigating the usage of the DAGManJobId attribute as job priority I found some strange results.
These are the JobPrio attribute results of the used expressions:

priority = $(DAGManJobId)                          = DAGManJobId
priority = -1 * $(DAGManJobId)                  = -1
priority = 50000000 - $(DAGManJobId)      = 5000000
priority = (50000000 - $(DAGManJobId))   = 0

It looks as if only the first attribute (or number) of the expression is used and the rest is skipped. With this limitation its impossible to do what is described in the docs because it forces the exact opposite! "This allows, for example, a user to automatically set the relative local queue priority of jobs based on the condor_dagman job that submitted them, so that jobs submitted by ``older'' DAGs will start
before jobs submitted by ``newer'' DAGs (assuming they are otherwise

Any information on this topic is much appreciated.
(Using 6.9.2 on winXP.)