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Re: [Condor-users] Condor on multiple network interfaces

Nicholas Lavigne wrote:

Due to a shortage of allocated IP addresses on our university's network, we have decided to use the central manager machine (running Debian) as a gateway with two network interfaces and place some compute nodes on a sub-network behind it. The router is doing its job correctly, but the machines on the subnet do not seem to appear in the Condor pool.

Are there any general rules for having Condor listen on two network interfaces? Maybe some modification to the HOSTALLOW_READ and HOSTALLOW_WRITE variables on the central manager? Currently,


But I would like Condor to listen on the 192.168.10.* subnet as well.


HOSTALLOW_WRITE = 134.95.*, 192.168.10.*

There are two places to look for informative error messages: CollectorLog on the central manager and MasterLog on the execute machines that are failing to register themselves.