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Re: [Condor-users] Output

Richardson, Joshua wrote:

I wrote a simple submit to condor that does the SET command on the computer it is run on. I am changing it and allowing it to only run on certain computers at a time. Why does it only return half of the SET I would receive if I ran SET through the command prompt?

Because your Condor job runs in a fresh shell (aka cmd.exe invocation) that only has a rather bare-bones set of environment variables defined.

In your job submit file, you can specify additional environment variables via the "Environment=..." option. Perhaps of even more interest to you is the "getenv" option which will duplicate the environment at submission time (i.e. the environment you see via "set" before running condor_submit) in the Condor job. Try putting "getenv=True" in your job submit file and run your test again. See the manual's command reference page for condor_submit for more info/options.