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Re: [Condor-users] Windows 6.8.5 release is missing /etc/examples folder

Hi Christopher:


The script itself has been left out by design, as it is a UNIX shell script that calls all sorts of UNIX only commands.  The alternative to it, a small executable, however, was left out unintentionally.  I’ve compiled a copy for you and put it up on our public ftp site, so you can download it at your convenience:




The c++ code is functionally identical to that of the shell script, but I’ve included it for reference purposes.  As with the script, you’ll need to set the _CONDOR_PROCNO in the environment before the executable is run.




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Subject: [Condor-users] Windows 6.8.5 release is missing /etc/examples folder


The 6.8.5 release appears to be missing the /etc/examples folder in both the MSI and ZIP file. Not sure if this is by design or unintentional.


Is there an official 6.8.5 Windows specific /etc/examples folder I should grab or would an older release have an examples folder that would work as well? I'm particularly interested in the MPICH startup scripts.




Christopher Watford
GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy