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[Condor-users] Condor + mapped network drives

I have just started working with Condor 6.8.5 being installed on a small group consisting of 3 computers (Windows XP prof.) and a file server managed by a samba system. I am working with large images stored on the samba file server which are processed by an application software installed on each executing host. I am distributing the batch command calling the execution program on the single execution hosts. Up to now, all internal program calls (for instance image access calls) are done using UNC paths because I cannot map manually any drives in before hand because of the user handling of Windows. However, UNC paths reduce the performance of our program drastically. That is the reason why I have to use mapped network drives. I have already found one thread discussing this topic in the list. I know that I have to use the "net use" command to map shared drives. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to include this command into my submit file. I am posting an example of my current submit file so that you can have a look at the structure.
Executable = c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe
Universe = vanilla
Output = out.$(Process)
Error = err.$(Process)
Log = sub.log
Getenv = True
Environment = ERMAPPER=dummy
Arguments =  " /C 'D:\Softwarearbeit\Softwareversionen\ALPHA_5.1\match_block.exe' -prj  \\smbserver\I\tmp\Ucam\project\project_complete.prj
-area Teil_oben"
Arguments =  " /C 'D:\Softwarearbeit\Softwareversionen\ALPHA_5.1\match_block.exe' -prj \\smbserver\I\tmp\Ucam\project\project_complete.prj -area Teil_unten"
I am assuming that my procedure might not be perfect but I am a beginner willing to learn how to use Condor more efficiently. May I ask you to give me some hints how to modify this submit script in order integrate the net use command. Any additional hints are very welcomed. Thank you in advance!
Best Regards
Thomas Laue