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[Condor-users] condor-c and globus

Hello all,

I am trying to use condor-c to enable me to submit jobs to a remote pbs
pool, and it is ok, the job is transfered and executed .

what happens normally is that the job is transfered to a remote conor
schedd, then the batch_gahp manages to send the job to a pbs pool, the
submit file is as follows:

universe = grid
Executable = sleep
Error   = err.pbs
Output = pbs.out
Log     = log.pbs

Should_transfer_files = YES
When_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT

grid_resource = condor schedd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx domain.uab.es

+REMOTE_SubUniverse = "blah"
+REMOTE_JobUniverse = 9
+REMOTE_REMOTE_Queue = "queuename"
+REMOTE_JobGridType = "blah"
+REMOTE_REMOTE_GridType = "pbs"

+remote_requirements = True
+remote_ShouldTransferFiles = "YES"
+remote_WhenToTransferOutput = "ON_EXIT"

+remote_jobuniverse = 9
+remote_grid_resource = pbs


Now, if i want to send jobs using the remote schedd  to enable me sending
these jobs  through the globus, i mean not directly to the pbs pool, but to
the pbs pool through the globus..

I used to send jobs to pbs pool from the remote machine using this submit
file and it works well:

stream_error = false
GlobusScheduler = domain.uab.es:10000/jobmanager-lcgpbs
Transfer_Executable = true
Output = test.out
Copy_to_Spool = false
Executable = hello.sh
Error = test.err
Notification = never
stream_output = false
GlobusRSL = (queue=queuename)(jobtype=single)

Universe = grid
Log = test.log
grid_type = globus

does it work to use the remote_GridType to be globus instead of pbs?? or how
can i enforce the remote mashine to send the submit file showed above??

i wonder your help, and ask me for any thing not clear to you !!

Hisham Ihshaish
UAB, Barcelona