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Re: [Condor-users] new DAGman problems in Condor 6.8.4

> > Here's what I'd recommend:  generate a DAG with something like 100 
> > nodes (some number that's more than the max number of 
> retries you'll 
> > need), each except the last with the ABORT-DAG-ON setting as I 
> > mentioned in my previous email.
> > The job for each node should just be the job in your 
> existing DAG, not 
> > the entire DAG.  If you do this, I think you should get the 
> > functionality you need, without actually resorting to recursion.
> > The POST script on your last node should return 1 if you need more 
> > tries, so then you'll know you ran out of retries.

That worked fine and the TCP auth problems seem to have gone away as well.

> > 
> > (I know that it would be much nicer to actually be able to 
> loop, but 
> > that functionality is not in DAGMan so far.)

That would be nice. Guess it wouldn't be a DAG anymore though.