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Re: [Condor-users] new DAGman problems in Condor 6.8.4

On 7/26/07, Smith, Ian <I.C.Smith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > (I know that it would be much nicer to actually be able to
> loop, but that functionality is not in DAGMan so far.)

That would be nice. Guess it wouldn't be a DAG anymore though.

So long as the loop is finite then you can still make it a Dag. You
just want DAGMan to 'unroll' the loop for you and not bother
submitting jobs which are redundant due to exiting the loop.

So long as the guard is simple (for example cares only about the exit
result of the last job) then this is not terribly complex in terms of
state management, though it may well be in terms of the underlying
structure to maintain it. simply forcing the loop to have a max
iterations constraint would suffice for most peoples needs "try this
up to 10 times or until it returns saying it got it" so long as you
can express the output of one as the input to another you're done.
(possibly this might require an intervening step to provide the
initial input state...

But hey I don't use DAGMan :)