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Re: [Condor-users] Job's classad shows remote execution directory

On 7/31/07, Ian Chesal <ICHESAL@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Not really. You can set it via CHIRP, but not everything in Condor
> will
> > see
> > it, because the execute machine already has the job ad.
> >
> > What are you trying to do?
> I'll take a guess: quickly answer the question, "Where exactly is my
> running job running?" Having the remote execution directory in the job
> ad is something I've dreamed of for a while now. It's often the case
> were I want to go inspect a Windows job. I know what machine it's on,
> but if it's a 4-way machine I have to do a little more digging to figure
> out what the execute directory is for the job. If it was in the job ad
> it's a single condor_q call to get the information I need.

Seconded as a much requested piece of functionality on SMP heavy farms.

IIRC XXXX this is the pid so just exposing that would be sufficient
for me to make it *really* easy for the users to get to their data if
they wanted too.

To be honest a more useful to end users feature would be
condor_transfer_files --so-far or such like which just pulled back all
the data as the job was running even if this had to kill the job to do
it since that is the normal request. Of course if it did have to kill
the job then a name like condor_force_terminate would be more