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Re: [Condor-users] condor-submit -remote

> > Is there a section in the manual on remote submission (as opposed to
> > Grid submission)? I presume that files can be transferred 
> if necessary?
> The docs for condor_submit list most parts - note some 
> significant limitations:

There is lots on grid universe submission, but very little on
condor_submit -remote submission. It doesn't state that non-default
authentication is required for instance. Nor is there anything specific to say how
the various files get there in the absence of NFS, like do they get 
transferred to the submit machine and then on to the execute node. 
Are there any firewall implications?

I have a node that can happily submit jobs to other nodes using its own
schedd, but can't use -remote to send the jobs to another schedd. This was
unexpected for me, I wasn't expecting to have to tune the authentication
mechanisms since I just used them "out of the box".