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Re: [Condor-users] Adding private network nodes to condor

Hi Senthil,

What you envisage should certainly be possible; we use a very similar model here. In our case we have a number of flocked pools, with some machines running only private IP addresses and others running both public and private ones. However, Condor is forced to operate over the private IP addresses *only*. Now, does your head node also have a private address? It doesn't sound like it from your post, so I'm not sure what you hope to achieve by setting BIND_ALL_INTERFACES. May I suggest that you give the head node a private IP address too (it could be a virtual interface; it doesn't have to have an extra NIC). Let's say that this private IP address is Then in your head node's configuration you'd need:

CONDOR_HOST = head-hostname.my.private.domain
FULL_HOSTNAME = head-hostname.my.private.domain

All your other nodes don't need to nominate a NETWORK_INTERFACE, since they only have the one. They just need to make sure to set CONDOR_HOST to the same as above. Your pool should now work entirely via the private IP addresses. Note that the head node also has a DNS entry in the domain spanned by the private IP range.


Natarajan, Senthil wrote:


I am trying to add a cluster of machines (with the head node has public IP address and accessible to public, other nodes are private and can’t be accessible to public) to the existing Condor pool.

I installed condor on head node and private nodes, and I added this in head node condor_config file


But still I couldn’t see those private nodes on Condor pool.

How to make those private nodes also part of Condor pool is there any better solution to make use of ideal cycles of those private nodes.




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