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Re: [Condor-users] Dealing with a flaky domaincontrollerand startd's that cannot authenticate on s

> Are you running a central CREDD anywhere or are you storing passwords
> each execute/submit machine?

We're storing the passwords locally on each machine. When we install
condor on the Windows execute nodes we start the schedd on the node, run
condor_store_cred, and then shut it down. We haven't caught up to
condor_credd technology yet.

> Do you have CREDD_CACHE_LOCALLY set to true or false?

It's currently not set explicitly in our config so the default is in

> Have you tried the latest 6.8.5 release, it fixed some issues with
> communications with the CREDD

I'll see if I can get 6.8.5 installed and try it with that.


- Ian