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Re: [Condor-users] Condor_Collector issues

> When I type the command condor_status to check the status
> of condor I receive a message stating that the condor_collector
> could not be contacted. It also states that it may be refusing
> to communicate with me, there may be a network problem or that
> condor_collector may not be running. Either way, I need help
> trying to fix this problem. Thanks

Josh, lots of things to check. I'd start with:

The condor_status command needs to be able to find your site-wide condor
configuration file. It uses this to figure out where your
condor_collector is running. Is CONDOR_CONFIG defined in your
environment? If not try setting this environment variable to point at
your site-wide Condor configuration file.

If CONDOR_CONFIG is set make sure there are no firewalls running on the
machine that are blocking access to your condor_collector daemon.

If that doesn't work you and you know the host name your
condor_collector daemon is running you can try bypassing the
configuration file and talk straight to the collector with:

condor_status -pool <collector host name>

Where <collector host name> is the name of the machine at your site
running the condor_collector.

If that doesn't work it could be a firewall or maybe you don't have a
central condor_collector machine set up for your site yet.

That should get your started. Report back if none of that helps.

- Ian