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[Condor-users] Using Condor WebServices

 I am trying to use the condor webservices using the WSDL and generated java classes.
 In particular when i try to invoke the insertAd operation in the collectorPortType i am not getting the expected result. i.e, I am trying to modify an START-AD-TYPE classad which already a persistent startAd and this node has already configured to change this value at runtime.
However the newly set value is reflected in the nodes classAd only for a few seconds and reverts back to its original value.

This is the piece of info i am getting in the collector log of the CONDOR_HOST
6/11 12:23:05 Received HTTP POST connection from <>
6/11 12:23:05 About to serve HTTP request...
6/11 12:23:05 Entering condor__insertAd...
6/11 12:23:05 Want private ads, but no socket given!
6/11 12:23:05 Leaving condor__insertAd...
6/11 12:23:05 Completed servicing HTTP request

When i try to change this classAd's value using condor_config_val it works perfectly.

Any ideas where i am at wrong?.

Thanks in advance,
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