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Re: [Condor-users] Using Condor WebServices

I have an idea.

The collector is a "soft cache", meaning it's state is updated periodically and if it isn't updated it goes away. Therefore, a startd will periodically send a new ad to the collector and that ad will overwrite any old ads for the startd. If you directly modify the startd's ad with InsertAd your modification will only persist until the next time the startd updates its ad. The reason everything works when you use condor_config_val is because you are telling the startd to send an ad with your modifications.

It's a classic last-writer-wins problem. Your best bet is to actually tell a startd to send an ad with your modifications -- use condor_config_val.

Is there a particular reason you want to modify a startd ad via the WS interface?



On Jun 11, 2007, at 5:37 AM, Srinivasan Manikantan wrote:

I am trying to use the condor webservices using the WSDL and generated java classes. In particular when i try to invoke the insertAd operation in the collectorPortType i am not getting the expected result. i.e, I am trying to modify an START-AD-TYPE classad which already a persistent startAd and this node has already configured to change this value at runtime. However the newly set value is reflected in the nodes classAd only for a few seconds and reverts back to its original value.

This is the piece of info i am getting in the collector log of the CONDOR_HOST
6/11 12:23:05 Received HTTP POST connection from <>
6/11 12:23:05 About to serve HTTP request...
6/11 12:23:05 Entering condor__insertAd...
6/11 12:23:05 Want private ads, but no socket given!
6/11 12:23:05 Leaving condor__insertAd...
6/11 12:23:05 Completed servicing HTTP request

When i try to change this classAd's value using condor_config_val it works perfectly.

Any ideas where i am at wrong?.

Thanks in advance,
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