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Re: [Condor-users] (no subject)

Ok. So I do not need the Arguments or the transfer_output_files set. My
build.bat is start build_looks.exe -f long_run.props. Should there be
more there to get a file returned? When I submit it like this, the log

000 (087.000.000) 06/12 16:42:14 Job submitted from host:
001 (087.000.000) 06/12 16:42:22 Job executing on host:
005 (087.000.000) 06/12 16:42:22 Job terminated.
	(1) Normal termination (return value 0)
		Usr 0 00:00:00, Sys 0 00:00:00  -  Run Remote Usage
		Usr 0 00:00:00, Sys 0 00:00:00  -  Run Local Usage
		Usr 0 00:00:00, Sys 0 00:00:00  -  Total Remote Usage
		Usr 0 00:00:00, Sys 0 00:00:00  -  Total Local Usage
	29  -  Run Bytes Sent By Job
	2601761  -  Run Bytes Received By Job
	29  -  Total Bytes Sent By Job
	2601761  -  Total Bytes Received By Job

It returns nothing and finishes within a couple of seconds. Outside of
Condor it takes minutes for the program to run so I know this is not

Josh Richardson
Integrity Applications Incorporated Intern (IAI)
703-378-8672 ext 632
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On Tue, Jun 12, 2007 at 04:08:31PM -0400, Richardson, Joshua wrote:
> 012 (074.000.000) 06/12 15:43:13 Job was held.
>             Error from starter on
> vm1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: STARTER at
> failed to send file(s) to <>: error reading from
> C:\condor/execute\dir_3392\looks.txt: (errno 2) No such file or
> directory; SHADOW failed to receive file(s) from
>             Code 13 Subcode 2

Did your program fail to create looks.txt? If a file that appears in the
transfer_output_files list is missing at the end of a job, Condor 
considers it an error.

By and large, you don't ever want to use 'transfer_output_files'. If a
is submitted without transfer_output_files set, Condor by default will
transfer back any files that were created in the working directory of
job after the job starts. transfer_output_files is used to override
and only transfer back specific files. 

You still need the 'when_to_transfer_output' and 'should_transfer_files'

set, and the 'transfer_input_files' list.

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