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Re: [Condor-users] (no subject)

> Ok. So I do not need the Arguments or the 
> transfer_output_files set. My
> build.bat is start build_looks.exe -f long_run.props. Should there be
> more there to get a file returned? When I submit it like this, the log
> is:
> ...
> It returns nothing and finishes within a couple of seconds. Outside of
> Condor it takes minutes for the program to run so I know this is not
> correct.

If build.bat takes no params, then no arguments are neccessary.

Does your job create those files in a subdirectory? If so, condor won't return them
automatically, only the ones created in the main directory where the job runs.

Try adding a "dir" at the end of your .bat file so you can see what files are in 
that directory.