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Re: [Condor-users] (no subject)

> It runs fine outside of condor. If I double click on the batch file
> build.bat the program opens and runs and closes after 2-3 
> minutes. When
> it closes, looks.txt and looks_angles.txt are in the directory with
> build.bat. I was told it only needs those two programs. This isn't a
> program that I have made but someone made for testing Condor. 

Try and mirror what condor does, condor doesn't "click".

1. Go to the machine that was trying to run your code
2. create an empty directory and copy into it the same
   files as were in your condor directoy
3. then using the cmd shell, run the command by hand.

This ensures that it works outside of condor on that machine.

You could also try running condor_hold to freeze while it is 
running and then go to that machine and run it there by hand.

Sorry if I am not being much help, but it is likely to be something 
simple and the person who gave you it may have forgotten about a file which
is accessible (say through networked filestore) in the place where you
run it, but not available to condor.