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Re: [Condor-users] Condor Version 6.9.3 released

Nice, keep up the great work!

I'm extremely interested in the following excerpt:

* Jobs can be scheduled to executed periodically, similar to the crontab
functionality found in Unix systems. The condor_ schedd calculates the
next runtime for a job based on the new CRON_MINUTE, CRON_HOUR,
preparation time defined by the CRON_PREP_TIME attribute allows a job to
be submitted to the execution machine before the actual time the job is
to begin execution. Jobs that would like to be run repeatedly will need
to define the ON_EXIT_REMOVE attribute properly so that they are
re-queued after executing each time. 

Does this mean in the submit file I can specify Cron type lists e.g.:
CRON_HOUR = 4,19
and my job will run every day at 4am and 7pm?

Also, if we're using the CRON_PREP_TIME attribute and a job is allocated
to a machine, what happens if that machine becomes active (a user logs
in), is the job evicted and requeued? 

Finally, does using this functionality only require an upgrade to 6.9.3
on the submitting machine, master machine, or all machines in the pool.

Thanks again everyone, Condor has been a huge help here at Constellation

John Scillieri

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The Condor Team is pleased to announce the release and immediate
availability of Condor 6.9.3 for download from:


Version 6.9.3 includes substantial scalability improvements, especially
for the schedd and Dagman, the "great renaming" of VMs to slots, and
many other new features.  More specific information can be found in the
Condor manual:


The Condor Team
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