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Re: [Condor-users] Requirements = MyAddress == ... / match but reject the job for unknown reasons


> For a grid computing course, I'm developing some student exercises.
> For demonstration purposes, I'd like to control the flocking done
> between two condor pools.  I'm attempting to limit the flocking using
> the ClassAd constraint "MyAddress".  I would have preferred to use the
> ClassAd constraint "Name" but because of the DNS configuration, I'm
> having to resort to IP addresses to fully qualify the job in a
> flocking scenario.
> Any ideas on why the startd is refusing the resource claim?  Is there
> a better constraint than MyAddress for IP addresses?

My guess is that something is getting confused because every daemon
has its own MyAddress (Master, Schedd, Startd, Collector, Negotiator).

Use StartdIpAddr instead of MyAddress, I have tested this and it works.

Universe   = vanilla
Executable = /bin/hostname
Arguments  =
Log        = simple.log
Output     = simple.out
Error      = simple.error
Requirements = StartdIpAddr == "<>"

Daniel K. Forrest	Laboratory for Molecular and
forrest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx	Computational Genomics
(608) 262 - 9479	University of Wisconsin, Madison