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[Condor-users] Condor pool - switched some laptops to 10.99

We have a working Condor pool (all running 6.6.11).
A few of the PCs in the pool are laptops, including one of mine.
We just started a trial (independent of Condor) of putting laptops on a local 10.99 IP range.

Now, without DNS lookup I wouldn't expect this to work, but we have set things up so such lookups produce the correct name and ditto in reverse.

Although, my laptop shows up in a condor_status it won't accept jobs.
Is there a simple fix? If not, I'll probably just back off :-)


Ian Cottam
Information Systems Manager
Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre
The John Garside Building (Room G.002)
The University of Manchester
e: ian.cottam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
t: 0161 306 5198
m: 07856 849831