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[Condor-users] Transition 6.9.2 - 6.9.3

After the release of Condor 6.9.3, and its terminology change (VM->slot)
I'm a bit worried about config files.
What's the best way to make the transition as smooth as possible?
Can I duplicate every line referring to the old VM term, and add a *SLOT*
line, and still work under 6.9.2? Will there be any conflicts if both styles
are present?

What would be the best basis to write a config file from scratch? 
I used the 6.8.4 manual to set up a fresh configuration, ordered by the
entries in section 3.3, and promptly failed (somehow the [XXXX] lines are
*not* handled as expected, "a line without an operator that begins with a left
square bracket will be ignored": I had to prefix something like 
[3.3.3 Condor-wide settings] with a hash sign to avoid error messages)...
My configuration has grown with the years, and accumulated a lot of
obsolete stuff (at least that's what I thought, until I discovered that 
there are settings which are not documented in section 3.3).
Is there a way to identify things that are no longer used by Condor?

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