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Re: [Condor-users] (no subject)


        One of our research students has just started to use the matlab runtime. For info, I confirmed with Mathsworks that there were no licensing issues, which there are not. You need to build the Matlab  Runtime environment and place this on a network share that is accessible, and include a path to the folder that includes the .dll files. One weakness is that scripts may need username & password stored in the script to access this network share. This share has to be mapped to a drive letter (in Windows, anyway).

     You will need a specific script to run this job, and a compiled .m matlab  M-file, this does not need Matlab to be installed on the Condor pool, and also does not use any of the current toolbox licenses.

     There are plenty of online tutorials to do this.



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I was wondering if anyone has used Condor as a third party scheduler with another program that has a distributed computing toolbox like MatLab. I am trying to use the Matlab distributed computing toolbox and Condor together in my cluster. If you have any knowledge of how to do this or any ideas they would be welcome. Thanks


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