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Re: [Condor-users] (no subject)

On 6/21/07, Wilding, Kevan A <kwilding@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


        One of our research students has just started to use the matlab
runtime. For info, I confirmed with Mathsworks that there were no licensing
issues, which there are not. You need to build the Matlab  Runtime
environment and place this on a network share that is accessible, and
include a path to the folder that includes the .dll files. One weakness is
that scripts may need username & password stored in the script to access
this network share. This share has to be mapped to a drive letter (in
Windows, anyway).

You may find significant performance benefits, with shorter jobs, in
distributing the runtime ahead of time to any/most machines that would
run jobs. Most of the gain through reduced network traffic (especially
if the fileserver you are using is loaded). This is of course a pain
so if you could make your job/script suficiently smart to work out if
the runtime was present on the machine it ran on (and if not get it
from some accessible location) that would work.