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Re: [Condor-users] Environment variables

>...  But in the case that I 
> do not set getenv, how are variables set on the machine that runs the 
> job?  In my pool, I see different behavior on different 
> machines, and I 
> cannot determine why.  On some machines, the job picks up the 
> path from the execute machine, but on other machines it does not pick up the 
> path.  Any ideas?
> ...

I have only ever seen minimal environments on the machines I have run jobs.
I can only think of the following:
* Job runs as you rather than as user nobody:
  o Maybe differing UID_DOMAIN or FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN settings on the machines that 
    you get a minimal or a normal env set 
  o Or maybe different security policies on the two machines
* Or maybe the jobs with a richer env set actually run on the submitting machine
  and hence can run as you

To check any of the above, just send a simple shellscript checking
hostname / pwd / env / id
and see if you can see a pattern.

Sorry I haven't any other ideas why you would sometimes get a useful env