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Re: [Condor-users] Environment variables

Hi John,
As far as I can tell, the only difference in env is the PATH, which is a bit annoying.  For all jobs, I am setting "runasowner"; I see this env difference between machines even when I'm logged into both of them; I've been diffing my condor_config files amoung machines, but they are now identical on machines that still have different env.  Basically, the jobs I'm submitting are all just running Windows "set", as you say, so that I can get info like running machine name and other variables.  We do have a very restrictive security policy here, so I suppose that may be suspect.

On a slightly different point, is there any chance that I can specify a variable that I want to be pulled from the running machine?  Some jobs that I run actually use the filesystem on the execute machine, and I need to specify the location of certain files.  I'm in a situation now where these files are on C: on one machine, and on D: on the other.  If I could read a variable on the execute machine, that would make life much simpler!

Kewley, J (John) wrote:
...  But in the case that I 
do not set getenv, how are variables set on the machine that runs the 
job?  In my pool, I see different behavior on different 
machines, and I 
cannot determine why.  On some machines, the job picks up the 
path from the execute machine, but on other machines it does not pick up the 
path.  Any ideas?

I have only ever seen minimal environments on the machines I have run jobs.
I can only think of the following:
* Job runs as you rather than as user nobody:
  o Maybe differing UID_DOMAIN or FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN settings on the machines that 
    you get a minimal or a normal env set 
  o Or maybe different security policies on the two machines
* Or maybe the jobs with a richer env set actually run on the submitting machine
  and hence can run as you

To check any of the above, just send a simple shellscript checking
hostname / pwd / env / id
and see if you can see a pattern.

Sorry I haven't any other ideas why you would sometimes get a useful env



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