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Re: [Condor-users] auto-clustering of attributes

Horvátth Szabolcs wrote:

The auto-clustering of attributes seems to be negating the effect of changing a custom attribute that is used in the starter's rank expression. I'd like to modify the importance of a job after submission but it has already been clustered and attribute changes have no effect.

Right after you change the attribute (via condor_qedit I am guessing), set the job attribute "AutoClusterId" to either -1 or UNDEFINED. That will cause Condor to recompute the auto cluster for that job.

Although I would be surprised if the above is really what is happening. If any attribute listed in the job ad attribute "AutoClusterAttrs" (this lists all the job attributes considered to be significant) changes value, then Condor automatically clears out the AutoClusterId attribute so it gets recomputed at the next negotiation cycle. So the above problem "shouldn't be happening" (TM). ;)

How can I limit the attributes used for auto-clustering (and what is the easiest method to make it a global setting)?

You can specify SIGNIFICANT_ATTRIBUTES in the condor_config file, i.e.
  SIGNIFICANT_ATTRIBUTES = Owner, ClusterId, ...
If it is defined, it will over-ride what Condor thinks the significant attributes should be. This parameter is read by the condor_schedd, so it should go in your "global" condor_config, or at least in the config file on all your submit nodes. Be wary, this setting is difficult to get correct (which is why by default we let Condor "automatically" set it).