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[Condor-users] SOAP declare file

Hi again,

In my application i enable the gridjobs to run on multiple operation
systems. So i declare one executable for each op system like


and so on. so good, that works.

in soap i have to use the declare file method which should me prevent
from uploading a file multiple times. But when i declare this
executable n-times, i get never an 'alreadyexists' statements as result:

debug output snippet:

declare file: executable_INTEL_WINNT50 status: SUCCESS
sendFile - send file: executable_INTEL_WINNT50 md5: 7f82b57bd26cc077856b6307ba59bdad
declare file: executable_INTEL_WINNT52 status: SUCCESS
sendFile - send file: executable_INTEL_WINNT52 md5: 7f82b57bd26cc077856b6307ba59bdad
declare file: executable_INTEL_WINNT51 status: SUCCESS
executable_INTEL_WINNT51 md5: 7f82b57bd26cc077856b6307ba59bdad

so i upload the same file 3-times. is this intended ?

Another thing is, that i often create a lot of jobs which looks very
similar. They often differ only in one file (the input file). It would
be very useful, when i could upload the files only once in a
transaction, and they can be used by every job in this transaction.

Thanks, Stefan Dieringer