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Re: [Condor-users] SOAP declare file


When we first created the API we wanted to allow for a cache of files on the Schedd side of the transaction, which would allow you do avoid duplicate uploads. The file hash is what allows us to implement this feature. However, we never implemented this feature/optimization. As a result you'll be able to upload the same file multiple times and you won't be able to avoid duplicate uploads. If this is really a feature that would help you a lot we can talk to Todd about it off-list.



On Jun 29, 2007, at 6:05 AM, Stefan Dieringer wrote:

Hi again,

In my application i enable the gridjobs to run on multiple operation
systems. So i declare one executable for each op system like


and so on. so good, that works.

in soap i have to use the declare file method which should me prevent
from uploading a file multiple times. But when i declare this
executable n-times, i get never an 'alreadyexists' statements as result:

debug output snippet:

declare file: executable_INTEL_WINNT50 status: SUCCESS
sendFile - send file: executable_INTEL_WINNT50 md5: 7f82b57bd26cc077856b6307ba59bdad
declare file: executable_INTEL_WINNT52 status: SUCCESS
sendFile - send file: executable_INTEL_WINNT52 md5: 7f82b57bd26cc077856b6307ba59bdad
declare file: executable_INTEL_WINNT51 status: SUCCESS
executable_INTEL_WINNT51 md5: 7f82b57bd26cc077856b6307ba59bdad

so i upload the same file 3-times. is this intended ?

Another thing is, that i often create a lot of jobs which looks very
similar. They often differ only in one file (the input file). It would
be very useful, when i could upload the files only once in a
transaction, and they can be used by every job in this transaction.

Thanks, Stefan Dieringer

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