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[Condor-users] Can't find address for local master?

Ok, this is probably a really simple one for someone who knows what they are doing:


I’m attempting to run “condor restart” and I get the following message:


“Can't find address for local master

Perhaps you need to query another pool.”


If fact, it appears that Condor isn’t running, as issuing “ps –ef | grep condor” only shows my grep command…


I suspect the issue deals with my configuration, or lack of one… I have edited the condor_config and the condor_config.local on the frontend node of my cluster, which should also be the Condor master.  (This is a ROCKS installation, and ROCKS configured the defaults…)


I have changed the front-end’s (local master’s) IP address, and I’m wondering if there is someplace else I need to modify the IP addresses, FQDN, etc…


Any thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated!


Gerhard Bartsch

University of Maryland