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Re: [Condor-users] Can't start up 6.6.11 static glibc 2.3 on Linux SUSE 10.1


My central manager is currently Suse 10.1 - soon to be Scintific Linux. To get it to work I had to
set the following in the condor_config file

CONDOR_IDS = 1000.100

I created the condor user via yast (make sure you do the same and then set your condor_ids as

You can then disable user login for condor in yast - that does not prevent Condor from working

Also note that I installed condor-6.6.11-linux-x86-glibc23-dynamic.tar.gz

And that I had to install lib-std-c++ compat (or something similar) using yast --install ...




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>>> Ian Cottam <ian.cottam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 02/03/2007 13:54:38 >>>
I meant to say SUSE 10.1 below (not 10.2, sorry)

Ian Cottam wrote:
> Any idea what this means (we are trying to add one trial Linux box to 
> our Windows pool):
> "Can't find "condor" in the password file and condor not defined in 
> CONDOR_IDS_config or as an environment variable."?
> We do indeed have a condor user defined in /etc/passwd. Note SUSE 10.2 
> use a /etc/shadow to hold the real passwords - is that an issue?
> Thanks
> -Ian
> ps: setting CONDOR_IDS doesn't work either

Ian Cottam
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The University of Manchester
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