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Re: [Condor-users] Unix jobs on Windows PCs

On 2/28/07, Michael P Smith <msmith@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,

First, my apologies if this is too broad for this list.

We're looking into setting up a Condor flock using the machines in our
public labs.  These machines run Windows.  We'd like to run Unix jobs on
these boxes.  We're looking into things like running virtual Linux machines
on these Windows boxes and other options.

Is anyone out there doing something like this?  If so, could you tell us
what kind of configuration you have?  Are you doing virtual machines,
Cygwin, or other options?

We make use of cygwin in a very limited context (essentially for the
bash scripting capabilities and having some standard *nix tools
available)  and it works fine so long as the cygwin binary directory
is in a standardized location. I agree with the others that the VM
idea is vastly superior if you can deal without the load/activity
feedback. Perhaps a hawkeye module could feed that info back into the
associated vm's class ad?