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[Condor-users] mixed 86_64 and i686 with condor-6.8.4


I am new to condor so this might have come up before - apologies for the
spam. We have a cluster of mixed 64bit and 32bit running scientific linux
(4.4) and I wonder whether they can be pooled together. On the 64bit
machine, ld chokes on libcondor_c.a and declares it incopmatible (it of
course works fine on the i686 machine). I would be ok with running 32bit
on the 64bit machine but cannot compile on these machines. 

running the x86_64 bit version of condor-6.8.4 let's me compile ok, but
then runs into trouble on the other machines.

any help highly appreciated.

 Rainer S. Wallny           (Knudsen 4-107C) Wk (UCLA):+1 (310) 825-4731 
 Asst. Prof. of Physics                      Wk (FNAL):+1 (630) 840-5003
 UCLA Dept. of Physics and Astronomy         Fax(UCLA):+1 (310) 267-2483
 Los Angeles, CA 90095                       Fax(FNAL):+1 (630) 840-6315