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Re: [Condor-users] Unix jobs on Windows PCs

Hi Mike,

I'm currently experimenting with virtualizing Linux on Windows machines.
I've found a great guide for setting it up here:
http://mindspawn.unl.edu/?page_id=17 (power point presentation giving
advantages etc:

Since it uses a little outdated version of Colinux and condor I'm now
creating my own image. 

I've already found Colinux perfect for the job for these reasons:
- It can use 100% CPU (not emulated), it sees the CPU (name and speed)
correctly on most Windows versions.
- Can run as a service without ever noticing it (uses almost no memory
and no cpu when idle)
- Even when running at 100% you almost don't experience any slowdowns
- Can run almost any Linux distribution, easy to create an iso image to
rollout on large networks

There are probably more reasons, but I'm still testing

I prefer this method over VMware since it's less intrusive of the host
machine in terms of resources.

Good luck!

Hi all,

First, my apologies if this is too broad for this list. 


We’re looking into setting up a Condor flock using the machines in our public labs.  These machines run Windows.  We’d like to run Unix jobs on these boxes.  We’re looking into things like running virtual Linux machines on these Windows boxes and other options.


Is anyone out there doing something like this?  If so, could you tell us what kind of configuration you have?  Are you doing virtual machines, Cygwin, or other options?


Thanks in advance.




Michael Smith

Manager, Application Development

User Support and Student IT Enablement

LSU Information Technology Services



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